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Family Martial Arts and Fitness gym in Kilkenny, Ireland

Martial arts classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling & Striking

Start your Martial Arts journey with MYALO today! With high level instructors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Wrestling & Striking you can’t go wrong choosing us as your number one martial arts gym in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Besides our group classes, we also offer private martial arts lessons from beginners to advanced. So whether you are looking to level up your game, prepare for a competition or just a bit shy to start in a group we have you covered. Learn more about our private martial arts lessons.

At MYALO you become part of our martial arts family and part of a much bigger martial arts community. We’ve got a great vibe, hot showers, plenty of parking and good coffee!

What ages do we have classes for?

Juniors (5-11yrs)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes for children aged 5-11yrs old.

We have fantastic coaches with loads of patience teaching beginners and advanced classes with options to do BJJ 1 x per week or 2 x per week.

What do children gain from BJJ?

Teens (12-18yrs)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and wrestling classes for ages 12-18yrs. There is a proven link between physical exercise and mental health.

Teens can greatly benefit as martial arts can help give them the skills to deal with school work, peer pressure and more.

What do teens gain from martial arts?

Adults (19+)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Wrestling and Striking classes for adults aged 19 and up. Beginners to experienced welcome!

For ladies who are nervous or uncomfortable to be in our mixed classes, we have women’s only BJJ classes available.

What do adults gain from martial arts?

Not sure if martial arts is right for you?
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How our memberships work

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
We have month-to-month memberships, discounted longer memberships, and fundamentals courses for BJJ.

Mixed Martial Arts
For MMA, you need to take part in a 12.5 week fundamentals course. These courses run 4 times year.

Where to find us

Based on 59 reviews
Stacy Cody
Stacy Cody
When I started training at TRK, I focused mainly on Jiu Jitsu until one day I realised that I was actually abjectly afraid to do MMA. This is when I knew I had to do it. I forced myself into the Mixed Martial Arts Fundamentals class. Coach Matthew O'Rourke was covering that day and before the class commenced, I confided in him my lack of experience in combat sports. Whilst the more experienced members trained technique, Coach O'Rourke took me aside and taught me how to throw a jab. He had me practicing my stance and movement. This level of consideration from such a top level athlete made me feel really welcome in the gym. Now I look forward to the class every week. Coach Paul Nolan is the main trainer. He is always pushing us to reach our full potential. When I am in his class, he explains things so well and talks about this own experiences as a fighter. I always feel I leave the class having learned something and Coach Nolan's infectious energy, ethusiasm and consistent encouragement have succoured me to improve at martial arts in ways I never thought possible.
Anastacia Cody
Anastacia Cody
I am in my 30s and was a complete beginner but I must say that I am absolutely blown away by the encouragement, the kindness and the professionalism of the young men and women who I have been training with over the last few weeks. I've learned as much from some of the 13 and 14 year old athletes as I have from the highly skilled, phenomenally professional, awe-inspiring tutors who are somewhere in their 20s; Ryan, Wayne and Myles are all top level young guys and yet they have been very kind, patient and welcoming to me, an older female with very little experience in Martial Arts. Team Ryano is also home to some stellar female athletes such as Jenny and Paige, who have been wonderfully welcoming and altogether generous with their time and advice. If you are a sedentary professional like myself who sits typing emails and attending meetings all day, I would highly recommend you consider Martial Arts, it is a profound de-stresser.
Matthew O'Rourke
Matthew O'Rourke
Once you find your footing in class, it's hard not feeling at home in the gym.
Joey Brennan
Joey Brennan
Great atmosphere in the gym there’s something for everyone there great for mental health and confidence boost
Adrian Foley
Adrian Foley
I'm into my third month at Team Ryano now and I just can't say enough good things about the place. The friendly atmosphere, the work ethic, the skill level... all these things combine to make it the real deal. Whether you're aiming to step into the octagon or just into your favourite jeans that don't fit anymore, this is the place to be.
Kevin Broderick
Kevin Broderick
A fantastic facility. Friendly, encouraging and fun environment. Experienced coaches with a wealth of knowledge. I couldn’t recommend more! I was pretty much a lost soul before I found BJJ and MMA with Team Ryano Kilkenny.
Louise Heeran
Louise Heeran
My son started in January 2022 and I can't recommend coaches Dom and Jp enough for their kids Jiu-jitsu classes. The time and patience that they put in with each and every child is just brilliant. It's a brilliant way to help teach kids about the importance of team work, community and respect. Again, I can't recommend them highly enough.
liam delaney
liam delaney
Great gym with a great atmosphere. The Coaches are very helpful and experienced. Would highly recommend.