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Aaron Comerford
Aaron Comerford
One of the best gyms I have ever been a part of. This gym makes combat sports feel like a team sport. Coaches absolutely superb and the members so welcoming with no bravado floating around at all. Whether it’s your first day or 100th you won’t be able to tell the difference. If you’re thinking about joining….Do 5 ⭐️
Thomas S
Thomas S
Myalo is a brilliant gym. The coaches and students are extremely welcoming and encouraging. I had zero experience in any combat sport prior to joining a few months ago but my confidence and fitness has developed greatly. Very thankful for the coaches and teammates
Matthew O'Rourke
Matthew O'Rourke
Once you find your footing in class, it's hard not feeling at home in the gym.
Joey Brennan
Joey Brennan
Great atmosphere in the gym there’s something for everyone there great for mental health and confidence boost
Adrian Foley
Adrian Foley
I'm into my third month at Team Ryano now and I just can't say enough good things about the place. The friendly atmosphere, the work ethic, the skill level... all these things combine to make it the real deal. Whether you're aiming to step into the octagon or just into your favourite jeans that don't fit anymore, this is the place to be.


Fundamental Courses Overview

Our most popular product, the “Fundamental Courses,” offers a structured and effective initiation into your martial arts and fitness journey.

Step-by-Step Learning

These courses provide a systematic, step-by-step approach to learning, ensuring a strong foundation for your martial arts skills.

Significant Discounts

Enjoy a significantly discounted price for Fundamental Courses compared to our membership packages.

Complimentary Martial Arts Gear

For the first 15 sign-ups, receive FREE baseline martial arts gear to kickstart your training journey.

Path to Success

 With our Fundamental Courses, you’re on the path to success, equipped with the right tools and guided by expert instruction.


  • Black belt instruction

  • BJJ Fundamentals classes x 2

  • Open mat classes x 2

  • Wrestling fundamentals class

  • Yoga class

  • FREE MMA Gloves x First 15 sign ups

  • FREE Recipe book

NOTE: We recommend attending the highlighted classes, and feel free to explore additional flexibility with other sessions if you find you’re able to attend or need to miss a class. Your comfort and schedule are important to us, so choose what works best for you!

Course Schedule

Duration x 10 weeks

Quarter 1
February 6th
Quarter 2
April 23rd
Quarter 3
July 9th
Quarter 4
September 24th

Class Schedule 

Tuesday BJJ GI @7:15pm 

Thursday BJJ GI @7:15 pm 

Friday Wrestling @6:15pm 

Saturday Yoga @11:30am 

Saturday BJJ NOGI @12:30pm 

Saturday Open mat @1:30pm

Sunday Open mat @10:00am

MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a versatile combat sport that combines elements from various disciplines such as boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Fighters use a mix of striking and grappling techniques, competing in a cage or ring under specific weight classes and rules. The sport has gained global popularity for its dynamic and diverse fighting styles.

Engaging in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) offers a range of physical, mental, and personal benefits. Some of the key advantages include:

1. Total Body Workout

MMA training involves a combination of striking and grappling techniques, providing a comprehensive full-body workout that enhances cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.

2. Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

The intense and varied nature of MMA training contributes to enhanced cardiovascular endurance, promoting a healthy heart and efficient circulation.

3. Increased Strength and Endurance

Regular practice of MMA builds muscular strength and endurance, improving overall physical fitness.

4. Enhanced Flexibility

MMA incorporates dynamic movements and stretches, promoting flexibility and a greater range of motion.

5. Stress Relief

The physical intensity of MMA workouts, coupled with the mental focus required during training, can serve as a powerful stress reliever.

6. Weight Management

MMA training involves high-intensity workouts that contribute to calorie burning and weight management, making it effective for those seeking to maintain or lose weight.

7. Improved Mental Focus

Learning and executing a variety of techniques in MMA requires concentration, enhancing mental focus and cognitive skills.

8. Self-Defense Skills

MMA provides practical self-defense skills, empowering individuals with the ability to protect themselves in various situations.

9. Boosted Confidence

Achieving proficiency in MMA techniques and progressing through training levels can significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

10. Discipline and Goal Setting

MMA training instills discipline, dedication, and the importance of setting and achieving goals, both inside and outside the training environment.

11. Community and Camaraderie

Participating in MMA often involves training with a supportive community, fostering camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

Overall, engaging in MMA not only improves physical fitness and self-defense capabilities but also contributes to mental well-being, stress management, and personal development.